Online Resource of the Week: Health & Wellness Resource Center!

Starting today, we'll be introducing our "Online Resource of the Week" feature.  We'll discuss and highlight one of our subscription online resources!  This week we're looking at Gale's Health & Wellness Resource Center.

Image of the Health and Wellness website

The Health & Wellness Resource Center (HWRC) is an easy-to-use medical database of professional and consumer articles, pamphlets, newsletters, videos, newspapers, and reference materials, designed to make your quest for reliable medical information as simple as 1-2-3.  You can search by disease or condition and find loads of info, as well as the latest in treatment options and drugs.  Want to know how alternative medicine might approach a condition or disease?  HWRC covers that, too!  Just click on the "Alternative Medicine" tab and search for your topic.

HWRC also has reliable information on Drugs and Herbal remedies, so you know what to expect when taking a particular medication.  You can even type in your symptoms ("dry eyes") and see a list of medicine and herbal remedies that can help to alleviate them, along with an explanation of how those remedies work and any possible side effects and warnings.

Directories are also included in HWRC.  Search the Gale Medical Health and Information Directory, as well as the National Directory of Adult & Senior Services, National Directory of Children, Youth & Families Services, National Directory of Mental Health & Addiction Services, and National Directory of AIDS/HIV Resources, Including Infectious Diseases.  Locate up-to-date contact and general information for various service agencies, companies, institutions, foundations, and chapters. 

Need a definition? Mosby's Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Dictionary makes it easy to get the correct medical definition of a word or phrase.

HWRC includes numerous links, by condition, to trusted, free websites.  Each site has been evaluated for accuracy and reliabity, so you know that the information you're getting is of the highest quality.  Want to take an online assessment of your health?  HWRC provides a list of several reputable medical sites that offer online assessment tools for a number of conditions, or just general health. 

How do you access HWRC?  Go to our Online Resources page and locate the resource under "Health".  Or click here to directly to HWRC.  Enter your HPPL card number, without spaces, and you're in!

Questions about using HWRC or any of our online resources?  Call the Reference Desk at 847-681-7031, or email us at



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