Staff Recommends Non-Fiction

Moyers, Bill - Fooling with Words

Franklin, Benjamin - Franklin on Franklin

Barth, John - Friday Book

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow - Gift from the Sea

Jonas, Susan - Going, Going, Gone

Theroux, Paul - Great Railway Bazaar

Staff Recommends Fiction

Lurie, Alison - Foreign affairs

Hambly, Barbara - Free man of color

Lennon, j. Robert - Funnies

Vreeland, Susan - Girl in hyacinth blue

Symons, Julian - Great detectives

Dickens, Charles - Great expectations

Fitzgerald, F. Scott - Great Gatsby

Spence, Gerry - Half -moon and empty stars

Atwood, Margaret - Handmaid’s Tale

Staff Recommends Graphic Novels

Knisley, Lucy. - French Milk.

Bechdel, Alison - Fun Home: a family tragicomic