Youth Gerbils

Ruby and Rose

(2003 - 2006)

Ruby and Rose were doves, which meant they were pale grey gerbils with bright red eyes. They were very light sensitive and we had to put an opaque guard over their cage to protect them from the department's overhead lights. When they were about six months old they had an argument which resulted in violence. They had to be put into separate cages on opposite sides of our desk and could not even run around in their exercise balls at the same time without trying to start the fight up again.

Harry and Ron

(2001 - 2003)

Harry and Ron were our first "fancy" gerbils. Harry was a pied black with a lightning bolt shaped marking on his head and Ron was a red-head called an argente golden. They were a very relaxed pair who would have been happiest with a tiny couch, television set, and remote control.

Beezus and Ramona

(1998 - 2001)

Beezus was a black gerbil and Ramona was a standard brown gerbil. The tradition of children mailing vacation postcards to the gerbils began with them. A child drew a portrait of them which we hung on their tank and then a staff member sent a postcard. Soon more staff members and children were sending them mail and we would post the newest one on their tank and put the older ones into a three ring binder for people to enjoy.

Taffy and Licorice

(1996 - 1998)

Taffy was a standard brown gerbil and Licorice was a solid black gerbil. Unfortunately Licorice was not a healthy gerbil and he died about a month after we adopted him. Single gerbils require a lot of human attention and interaction, so Taffy was the only gerbil which we hand tamed. She was taken out of her tank on a daily basis and handled. She was also taught to come to the sound of a clicker and would roam around the Library in her exercise ball accompanied by a clicker and peanut packing staff member. She seemed to enjoy taking the elevator a lot.