Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine - "Tattoo" Field Museum Exhibit Preview

People have been marking their skin as a means of expression for more than five thousand years. Alaka Wali, Field Museum curator of North American anthropology, previews the museum's exhibit, "Tattoo," that explores the global phenomenon of tattooing around the world over time. Shedding light on this often-misunderstood art form, the exhibit explores tattoos' aesthetics and artistry across cultures. The Field Museum's exhibit is the first time that "Tattoo," developed by Paris’s musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, will be on display in the United States.

Northlight Theatre - "The City of Conversation"

Join members from Northlight Theatre's artistic team as they discuss Anthony Giardina's "The City of Conversation." In 1979 Washington D.C., socialite Hester Ferris throws posh dinner parties that can change the course of politics. But when her son turns up with an ambitious Reagan-ite girlfriend and a shocking new world view, it ignites a family divide that spans over 30 years and six presidential administrations. As power shifts from one generation to the next, a family struggles to maintain ties while on opposite sides of the partisan fence.

"An Impressive Presentation of Lovely Evidence: Underneath the Lintel"

Theatre Y presents this one-man show about a librarian who embarks on a quest to find out who anonymously returned a library book that is 113 years overdue. A clue scribbled in the margin of the book and an unclaimed dry cleaning ticket take him on a mysterious adventure that spans the globe and the ages. Presented with the Highland Park Senior Center. Sponsored by Silverado of Highland Park. Registration is not required. The program will conclude at 11:50 a.m.

Rise and Shine Northlight Theatre

Northlight Theatre's current performance, "The Gospel According to
Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord,"
illuminates the brilliance, humor, and flaws of three historical
figures. Lauren Shouse, Northlight Theatre dramaturg, leads a panel
discussion exploring what a Founding Father, a Victorian novelist and
a Russian revolutionary have in common: they each wrote their own
version of the gospel. Registration is not required. Presented with the Highland Park Senior Center.

Rise and Shine - Highland Park Homes in Hollywood Movies

Come see the Highland Park homes that have been featured in Hollywood films over the years. Learn some facts about the homes and the directors who chose Highland Park, IL for their filming location. Watch some film clips, too. Presented by library staff member Laura Chudacoff. Presented with the Highland Park Senior Center. Sponsored by Silverado of Highland Park. Registration is not required.

Rise and Shine Van Gogh's Bedrooms

Van Gogh's Bedrooms

Wednesday, April 13, 10:30 a.m.

The Art Institute's Allison Perelman discusses the museum's current exhibit, Van Gogh's Bedrooms. Perelman, who was one of the catalogue authors for the exhibit, talks about Van Gogh's life, his lifelong quest for home, and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the exhibit and how it came together. Presented with the Highland Park Senior Center. Sponsored by Silverado of Highland Park.

Rise and Shine - Meet Author Peter Slevin - "Michelle Obama: A Life"

Meet the author! Peter Slevin, author, associate professor at Northwestern University, and former national correspondent for "The Washington Post," discusses his book, "Michelle Obama: A Life." The book follows Michelle to the White House from her childhood on Chicago’s largely segregated South Side and illuminates the dilemmas she faced in Chicago while building a high-powered career, raising a family, and helping a young community organizer named Barack Obama become president of the United States. Books will be for sale and the event will conclude with a book signing.

Rise and Shine - Foreign Policy And The 2016 Presidential Election

Foreign policy will loom large in the 2016 presidential election. Terrorism, trade, climate change, and bilateral relations between the United States and China, Russia, and Iran top the list of major foreign policy concerns. Democrats and Republicans are deeply divided on these issues, as well as the general direction the country ought to take in world affairs. Jim Marquardt, associate professor of politics, reviews the foreign policy positions of the major party candidates.