Where's My Holds List?

We've heard from some of you who miss the display of your position on the holds listing for a particular title. We miss it, too.

Why is it gone?
We recently joined CCS, a consortium of 24 libraries. With such a big group of libraries, it is not possible to display this information in a useful way.

Why not?
Previously, with one library and one collection of materials, it was easy to know where you fell on a particular holds list.  In a multiple library consortium, like CCS, there are rules involving item availability that make the process difficult. Your position depends on which library owns the book. The patrons of the owning library have priority over others.


If you place a hold on a book only owned by Evanston Public Library, and an Evanston patron places a hold after you, you will move down the list below the Evanston patron's hold. Conversely, if there are 3 holds on a book owned only by Highland Park, and they are all from other libraries, you will go to the top of that list. Please rest assured that Highland Park residents are always first in line for Highland Park Public Library's items.

So, how do I know where I stand?
The reference staff is able to sort though all of this information and give you an accurate accounting of where you stand in line for a particular title.  Please call them at 847-681-7031. They will be happy to help.

While we know you are sorry to lose this helpful information, we hope you will agree that with the enhancements available in our new catalog; more accurate search results, the ability to search multiple libraries at once, the ability to refine your search by facets, the ease of keeping personal bookshelves and lists, and the sharing capabilities inherent in the system, we have made the right decision in joining CCS.