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Ashby, Ruth (ed.), Herstory

Bachrach, Deborah
Custer’s Last Stand
Pearl Harbor

Bakeless, John Edwin, Signers of the Declaration

Barr, Roger, The Vietnam War

Biel, Timothy, The Civil War

Carter, Alden R., Colonies in Revolt

Cawthorne, Nigel, Sixties Source Book

Conklin, Thomas, Titanic Sinks!

Coolidge, Olivia, King of Men

Davis, Daniel, Behind Barbed Wire

De Pauw, Linda, Founding Mothers: Women in America in the Revolutionary Era

Fradin, Dennis B., Pioneers

Harness, Cheryl, Ghosts of the White House

Heilbroner, Joan, Meet George Washington

House, James, The San Francisco Earthquake

Jackson, Livia Bitton, I Have Lived a Thousand Years

King, Casey and Linda Barret, On Freedom

Kroll, Steven, Ellis Island: Doorway of Freedom

Macaulay, David

Meltzer, Milton, All Times, All People

Murphy, Jim, The Great Fire

Nelson, Ray and Ben Adams, Wooden Teeth and Jelly Beans

Pearce, Christopher, Fifties Sourcebook

Pipe, Jim, Trojan Horse

Provensen, Alice, The Buck Stops Here

Rosenberg, Maxine, Hiding to Survive

Sloan, Frank, Titanic

Steele, Philip, The Aztec News

Stein, R. Conrad, The Story of D-Day

Sullivan, George
100 Years in Photographs

Symons, Geraldine, Miss Rivers and Miss Bridges

Tanaka, Shelley
The Buried City of Pompeii
On Board the Titanic

Thomas, Lowell, Seven Wonders of the World

Thorne, Ian, The Mummy

Tindall, George B., America

Van Leeuwen, Jean, Bound for Oregon

Van Loon, Hendrik Will, The Story of Mankind

Viola, Herman J., After Columbus: The Horse’s Return to America

Walker, Paul Robert, Head for the Hills

Wendt, Lloyd
Give the Lady What She Wants!
Great American Indian Leaders