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Alcott, Louisa May
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
Jo’s Boys
Little Men
Little Women

Allard, Harry and James Marshall, Miss Nelson Is Missing!

Altman, Suzanne, My Worst Day’s Diary

Ames, Cherry, Cherry Ames series

Avery, Gillian, Italian Spring

Avi, What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?

Baker, Barbara, Third Grade Is Terrible

Bauer, Marion Dane, On My Honor

Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain Bear Scouts series

Bethancourt, T. Ernesto, Tune in Yesterday

Blume, Judy
Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret
Freckle Juice
Iggie’s House
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo
Then Again, Maybe I Won’t

Bolton, Carole, Never Jam Today

Borntrager, Mary, Rebecca

Brown, Palmer, The Silver Nutmeg

Bunting, Eve
Nasty Stinky Sneakers
The Big Cheese

Byars, Betsy Cromer
Complete Works
The 18th Emergency
The Pinballs

Calhoun, Mary, Katie John

Cameron, Eleanor, A Room Made of Windows

Caudill, Rebecca, The Best Loved Doll

Clare, Helen, Five Dolls in a House

Cleary, Beverly
Beezus and Ramona
Betsy’s Wedding
Dear Mr. Henshaw
Henry Huggins
Muggie Maggie
Ralph S. Mouse
Ramona Forever
Ramona Quimby Age 8
Ramona series
Ramona the Pest
Runaway Ralph

Clements, Andrew, Frindle

Cole, Joann
Monster Manners
The Clown-Arounds Go on Vacation

Coman, Carolyn, What Jamie Saw

Cone, Molly, Crazy Mary

Cosby, Bill, The Meanest Thing to Say

Creech, Sharon
Absolutely Normal Chaos
Chasing Redbird
Walk Two Moons

Cristaldi, Kathryn, Samantha the Snob

Dahl, Roald, Danny, the Champion of the World

Danziger, Paula
Amber Brown series
Amber Brown is Feeling Blue
Forever Amber Brown
The Cat Ate My Gymsuit
You Can’t Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown
Danziger, Paula and Ann M. Martin
P.S. Longer Letter Later

DeClements, Barthe, Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade

Delton, Judy
Kitty from the Start
Pee Wee Jubilee
Pee Wee Scouts series

Dorris, Michael, The Window

Dubowski, Cathy East
Full House series
Pirate School

Duffey, Betsy
How to Be Cool in the Third Grade
The Math Wiz
Virtual Cody

Edwards, Julie, Mandy

Erickson, Russell E., A Toad for Tuesday

Fenner, Carol, Yolonda’s Genius

Fine, Anne, Step by Wicked Step

Fitzhugh, Louise, Harriet the Spy

Fox, Paula
One Eyed Cat: A Novel
Portrait of Ivan

Freeman, Martha, The Year My Parents Ruined My Life

Friedman, Ina R., How My Parents Learned to Eat

Garfield, James B., Follow My Leader

Garnett, Eve, The Family from One End Street

Gelman, Rita Golden, More Spaghetti, I Say

Giff, Patricia Reilly
Friends and Amigos series
Polk Street School series
Rosie’s Big City Ballet
Say Hola Sara
Show Time at Polk Street School

Gilligan, Shanon, Locker Thief

Gilson, Jamie
Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub
Wagon Train 911

Glaser, Linda, Rosie’s Birthday Rat

Godden, Rumer, Miss Happiness and Miss Flower

Goffstein, M.B., Daisy Summerfield’s Style

Greenwald, Sheila
Give Us a Great Big Smile, Rosy Cole
Rosy Cole: She Walks in Beauty

Gripe, Maria, Night Daddy

Gunn, Robin Jones, Sweet Dreams

Hale, Lucretia P., The Peterkin Papers

Heide, Florence P., The Problem with Pulcifer

Hentoff, Nat, The Day They Came to Arrest the Book

Herman, Gail, Flower Girl

Hermes, Patricia
Cheat the Moon
I Hate Being Gifted

Hest, Amy, The Great Green Notebook of Katie Roberts

Hildick, E. W., Louie’s Lot

Hodgman, Ann, Night of a Thousand Pizzas

Holland, Marion, No Children, No Pets

Hood, Susan, The Bestest Mom

Hunt, Irene, Up a Road Slowly

Hurwitz, Johanna
Aldo Ice Cream
Complete Works
Russell and Elisa
Spring Break
Teacher’s Pet

Johnston, Norma, The Keeping Days

Jones, Elizabeth Orton, Big Susan

Katschke, Judy, It’s a Twin Thing

Kehret, Peg, The Richest Kids in Town

Kenah, Katharine, Eggs Over Easy

Kent, Deborah, The Only Way Out

Klein, Robin, Penny Pollard’s Diary

Kline, Suzy
Herbie Jones
Horrible Harry and the Green Slime
Horrible Harry series
Mary Marony and the Chocolate Surprise

Koller, Jackie French, A Place to Call Home

Komaiko, Leah, Annie Bananie Moves to Barry Avenue

Konigsburg, E. L.
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
The View from Saturday

Kooler, Milna, My Favorite Time

Korman, Gordon
Losing Joe’s Place
The D-poems of Jeremy Bloom

Korman, Susan, The Magic Attic Club series

Koss, Amy Goldman, How I Saved Hanukkah

Krensky, Stephen, Locked in the Library!

Krulik, Nancy E., Doug Rules

Lanham, Cheryl and Cheryl Zach, Dear Diary series

Lantz, Francess Lin, Stepsister from the Planet Weird

Levy, Elizabeth, My Life as a Fifth-Grade Comedian

Little, Jean, Stand in the Wind

Lobel, Arnold
Days with Frog and Toad
Frog and Toad All Year
Frog and Toad Are Friends
Frog and Toad series

Lovelace, Maud Hart
Betsy-Tacy series
Betsy-Tacy and Tib

Lowry, Lois
All About Sam
Anastasia Krupnik
Anastasia on Her Own
Number the Stars

Manes, Stephen
Chicken Trek
Chocolate Covered Ants
Baby-Sitters Club series
Karen’s Prize
Karen’s Snow Princess
Kristy for President
Poor Mallory!

McCloskey, Robert, Homer Price

Mead, Alice, Junebug

Melwood, Mary, The Watcher Bee

Milne, A. A., When We Were Very Young

Monsell, Mary Elise, Toohy and Wood

Morpurgo, Michael, The Butterfly Lion

Moss, Marissa
Amelia Hits the Road
Amelia Takes Command
Amelia’s Notebook

Muntean, Michaela, Panda Bear’s Secret

Nesbit, Edith, The Railway Children

Newman, Leslea, Fat Chance

Nixon, Joan Lowery, Lucy’s Wish

Nordstrom, Ursula, The Secret Language

O’Conner, Jane, Here Come the Brownies series

Orgel, Doris, Merry, Rose, and Christmas Tree June

Parish, Peggy, Amelia Bedelia series

Park, Barbara
Complete Works
Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying
Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook
Junie B. Jones series
My Mother Got Married (and Other Disasters)

Pascal, Francine, Fearless Elizabeth

Paterson, Katherine
Bridge to Terabithia
The Great Gilly Hopkins

Peterson, P.J., My Worst Friend

Pfeffer, Susan Beth, Twin Troubles

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, The Magic Moscow

Porter, Eleanor H., Pollyanna

Rankin, Carroll Watson, Dandelion Cottage

Reinach, Jacquelyn, Sweet Pickles series

Roberts, Willo Davis, Don’t Hurt Laurie!

Robinson, Barbara, The Best School Year Ever

Rockwell, Thomas, How to Eat Fried Worms

Rodowsky, Colby F.
Dog Days
Rugrats: A Live Adventure

Russ, Lavinia, Over the Hills and Far Away

Rylant, Cynthia
Henry and Mudge
Henry and Mudge and the Best Day of All
Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon
Mr. Putter and Tabby series
Silver Packages
The Van Gogh Cafe

Sachar, Louis
Complete Works
Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes
Sideways Stories from Wayside School
There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom
Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger

Say, Allen, The Ink-Keeper’s Apprentice

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman, Say Hello, Vanessa

Shyer, Marlene Fanta, Adorable Sunday

Sidney, Margaret, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew

Silverman, Martin, My Tooth Is Loose!

Sleigh, Barbara, The Seven Days

Smith, Robert Kimmel
Jelly Belly
The War with Grandpa

Snyder, Zilpha Keatley, The Changeling

Sparks, Beatrice (ed.), Annie’s Baby

Spinelli, Jerry
Fourth Grade Rats
School Daze

Stephens, Mary Jo, Zoe’s Zodiac

Sterman, Betsy and Samuel, Backyard Dragon

Strasser, Todd
Help! I’m Trapped in Obedience School
Shark Bite

Streatfeild, Noel, Ballet Shoes

Stren, Patti, There’s a Rainbow in My Closet

Suzanne, Jamie, Sweet Valley Twins and Friends series

Tomey, Ingrid, Neptune Princess

Towne, Mary, Goldenrod

Valencak, Hannelore, When Half-Gods Go

Van Leeuwen, Jean
Oliver and Amanda series
Tales of Amanda Pig

Wallace, Barbara Brooks, The Claudia series

Webster, Jean, Daddy-Long-Legs

West, Cindy, Minnie’s Slumber Party

White, Ruth, Belle Prater’s Boy

Whitney, Brooks, Super Slumber Parties

Wiggin, Kate Douglas, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Wilson, Jacqueline
Double Act
How To Survive Summer Camp
Adventures of Doug
Little Sisters Club series