Youth -- sports

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Bee, Clair, The Chip Hilton Sports series

Christopher, Matt
Baseball Pals
Catcher with a Glass Arm
Dirt Bike Racer
Double Play at Short
Greatest Moments in Sports History
Ice Magic
Mountain Bike Mania
Return of the Home Run Kid
Shortstop from Tokyo
Submarine Pitch
The Dog That Called the Pitch
The Kid Who Only Hit Homers
Top Wing
Touchdown for Tommy
Undercover Tailback
Wingman on Ice
Zero’s Slider
Pressure Play

Duffey, Betsy, Lucky in Left Field

Dygard, Thomas J.
Running Wild
The Rookie Arrives

Elish, Dan, Jason and the Baseball Bear

Greene, Stephanie, Owen Foote Soccer Star

Haigh, Sheila, The Little Gymnast

Hiller, B.B., The Karate Kid

Howard, Tristan, Get Jammed!

Hurwitz, Johanna, Baseball Fever

Jenkins, Jerry, The Rookie

Kessler, Leonard P., Here Comes the Strikeout

Korman, Gordon
Quarterback Exchange: I Was John Elway
Super Bowl Switch: I Was Dan Marino

Montgomery, Robert, The Home Run

Shea, George, Big Bad Ernie

Slote, Alfred, Finding Buck McHenry

Smith, Robert Kimmel, Bobby Baseball

Walker, Nicholas, Ice Princess

Wallace, Bill, Never Say Quit