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Coming to see Queen Margaret this weekend? It's in the park between the Library and City Hall. Don't forget to bring a chair or blanket!

As of August 18th, 2016, our notification center email is changing. If you receive email notifications, please update your address book or approved senders list to include "Highland Park Public Library"@mail.ccs.lib.org to ensure you continue to receive email notices.

On July 27, 1922, young mother Mildred Coale Allen (1890-1975) filed a patent for a "child's garment" -- a kind of modular safety sleeper in 21st century vocabulary.  The United States Patent office granted patent number 1625184 almost 5 years later in April 1927.

The last day to do an in-person report is Saturday, July 30th.

The last day to redeem online points/tokens and buy prizes is Sunday, July 31st. 

Teen prizes have all been marked down to half price for this week only, don't miss out! 

July 11 is the 112th anniversary of the famous duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.  A great collection of fiction and nonfiction titles about Hamilton and his compatriots is on display in the lobby.