Highland Park Obituary Index 1874-2009

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The Highland Park Obituary Index has been compiled by the staff of the Highland Park Public Library from microfilm of the following newspapers: Highland Park Herald, Highland Park Mail Advertiser, Highland Park News, Highland Park Newsletter, Highland Park Press, Sheridan Road Newsletter, and North Shore Newsletter. This index covers the years 1874-2009. To search for an obituary, click on the first letter of the person's last name.

To receive a copy of an obituary published in the local newspapers, please submit $10.00 per name. Obituary requests must be prepaid. Obituaries will be sent via email, FAX or U.S. Postal Service. To request an obituary, complete the Obituary Request Form.

For additional help with local genealogy questions, contact the Lake County Genealogical Society, c/o Vernon Hills Village Hall, 290 Evergreen Dr., Vernon Hills, IL. 60061  (847-918-3584).  The Society can put you in touch with local genealogical researchers.  Genealogists can also be located by state at the Board of Certification of Genealogists website.

Obituaries from  July 31, 2008 are missing from the index. They will be added at a later date.